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I have had Godly people in my life to pray for me, speak into my life, and hold me accountable for decisions I’ve made. I have also had trustworthy friends with whom I can just be myself, express my deepest feelings, and get encouragement when needed.

With Cathy Arends, I found a professional and a friend, who fills both of these roles and so much more! I believe it is a common problem for people to find themselves “stuck”, literally unable to take a step to move out of the spot they are in. Cathy Arends has a God-given gift to allow you to view your life/problems from the outside looking in. She offers suggestions and alternative solutions, with a God-given Grace and Understanding.

I truly believe this gives people the simplest, most direct path to recovery, and true peace of mind. Life is a battle of endurance and connecting with God’s Promises. Cathy Arends points the way, and it’s our job to suit up and show up ready!!! NS

“You have impacted my life more than you’ll ever know. Your wise counsel, compassion and caring heart are just a few of the attributes I greatly admire. Oh, and the ability to listen to me ramble for hours on end! I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and how much of a blessing it is to know you.” SF

“I am so blessed to have you in my life. You are such a true Paraclete and encourager. Thank you for all you do for others and showing your love.” J

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Today is my daughter’s 10 year sober birthday. She is my living miracle and I am so grateful to you. You were the one that led her to turn the corner at the Journey Home. You were the one that convinced her that she could forgive herself and that was the one thing she needed to start to live again. And I am forever in your gratitude.

When people ask me how she did it I tell them she met someone who convinced her that she could forgive herself and that was the first step. Thank you. JHM

I’m writing to thank you for all your help in our sessions. Thanks for letting me talk out all the feelings about my past. It was a very freeing and accepting experience to have, and knowing I was not being judged. The sessions with you helped me to let go of these past experiences in my life. Thank you so much for your kindness and acceptance in our sharing sessions. It has helped me more than you can know. M

I am a 69 year old female who, at the age of 15, gave up my first born for adoption. In those days, back in the 60's, it was a disgrace to one's family to become pregnant out of wedlock.

I kept this secret of giving up my first born bottled up inside me for over 50 years. That's a long time to keep that kind of secret. Nine years ago, I married a man who is God-centered and gently encouraged me to reveal my secret. I sought Cathy's counsel at that time. Cathy was very wise but straight-forward. In that first meeting with her, she told me that keeping that secret was effecting my relationship with God. While my immediate reaction was anger toward her, afterwards I began to believe what she said. I learned she may say things I didn't want to hear.

I revealed my secret and some months later, met my son. It was not a "happily ever after" experience. Due to events that followed, I felt rejected and devastated and was emotionally paralyzed. I went to Cathy to help me cope with these feelings. She asked me what I wanted. I responded " To have a relationship with my son". She suggested ideas of how I might make that a reality. She gave me homework consisting of questions to answer and scriptures to read. Both the questions and scriptures caused me to give serious thought to my actions and responses.

Another situation with my son arose. I was an emotional wreck, devastated, and felt rejected by him once again. I saw Cathy again. I knew she'd ask me the same question, "What do you want?" This time I answered, "To not feel this kind of pain." Again, she gave me homework that included questions and scripture. I saw her several more times after that.

Fast forward to today, I am content and happy. I do not have the relationship with my son that I want, but I learned from Cathy to focus on how I might overcome these emotions rather than react to actions of others. I still feel rejection but now I can cope with those feelings, and better understand that his actions are about him, not me.

Because of Cathy's spiritual guidance and frankness, and me doing the work myself to get healthy through her counsel, I feel such gratitude for her and the unique way she counsels. Cathy's faith is so reflective in the way she counsels, if you follow her advice, you can't help but feel peace. Isn't that what we all want? (jb)

For decades I carried around anger at my mother because I felt she didn't protect my sisters and me from sexual abuse from my father. I saw her as seldom as I could and talked to her even less. After having daughters of my own and knowing I would do anything to protect them, the anger towards my mother grew even stronger.

Several years ago I became involved in a bible study at my church. Over time I began to feel burdened by this anger but I couldn't shake it. The more my relationship with God strengthened, the more unrest I felt over my feelings toward my mother and I became depressed.

Finally, I sought counsel from Cathy. I wanted a quick fix to get over my depression. Instead, she wanted me to see that I had to forgive my mother. I felt sick when I left her office. That's NOT what I went to her for or wanted to hear. I wanted my mother to change. I wanted my mother to ask for forgiveness. I wanted my mother to acknowledge what had happened. Through Cathy's Christlike talking to me, giving me assignments to work, and scripture to read, I slowly began to change my attitude.

With time, Cathy helped me to see and understand that to carry that anger was only hurting me. To expect my mother to change, or apologize or even acknowledge what happened was never going to happen and that was an unrealistic expectation on my part.

Cathy showed me that I was the one who had to change. I was the one who had to forgive, and I was the one who had to let go of that anger. After several sessions with Cathy, and prayer, I can say that my feelings toward my mother have changed. I now see her without dread. I can talk with her over the phone now without negative feelings.

Recently, my adult granddaughter was in a wreck and sustained serious injuries.Through her hospital stay and recovery, my mother and I leaned on each other for support and comfort. That would never have happened before I met with Cathy.

Cathy was straight forward with me and helped me face issues I needed to face. I credit Cathy, my relationship with God, and prayer for being able to let go of all that poison and burden that was holding me back. (bh)

I started seeing Cathy after a difficult two year period in my life. I was suffering with severe anxiety and it was affecting me greatly. My husband heard her preach at church and told me I needed to call her. I am so glad I did. She has helped me tremendously. My sessions with her aren't always easy because we deal with difficult things. Cathy is upfront and honest about my issues but also compassionate. Cathy truly cares about her clients and their spiritual life as well. I am so grateful for the help she has given me. I am truly a stronger more confident person because it. M

I met Cathy about ten years ago when I was 19. I was just beginning my long journey of faith and I don't know where I would be today without her.

I am a recovering alcoholic but when I met Cathy I was very active in my addiction. I was 21 when I first went to her for guidance. I was pregnant and engaged to marry my son's father who was also very active in his addiction. I managed to stay sober throughout my pregnancy, but I was scared, broken, confused and lost.

Cathy has this way of seeing through you and into your soul, a beautiful gift given from God. One morning before church started, she simply asked how I was doing, and that was all it took for me to break down. I asked her if we could speak privately and I began to tell her how miserable and scared I was and did not want to get married. I remember her telling me "then don't"! I was so shocked that she said that. Unfortunately, I didn't listen to her, and fast forward two years I came to her telling her I wanted a divorce.

I had just gotten sober a few months before and was still so lost. She helped me tell my dad about wanting a divorce and counseled me for months. She gave me homework and never once did I feel judged by her.

Because of the positive experiences I had with Cathy, several years later when I became engaged to a great guy, we went to her for pre-marital counseling. We still go to her together and alone when needed. I suffer from panic attacks and she is one of the people to help me get through those difficult times in my life.

Cathy has been there for me in every good and bad time in the last ten years. I don't think I would be where I am today spiritually and mentally and emotionally if it weren't for Cathy. I always feel like she's my direct line to God! She is a true disciple of God and He has given her gifts to truly help people. When anything good or bad happens, she is one of the people I always call and she's always willing to listen.

I am truly grateful for Cathy and all she's done and will continue to do for me. No words could express the love and appreciation I have for her! AT