rafaTM: Recovery & Fellowship Anonymous

Thank you for coming here to help us with our spiritual problems. You answered... how can God love me after what I’ve done to other people?

Many individuals in recovery from addictions feel God has let them down. Some cannot overcome feelings of guilt and shame and are thus unable to worship with a faith community. Many individuals in recovery want to learn about God’s grace and forgiveness.

Paracletia, Inc. believes it is important that adolescent girls and young women in residential treatment are provided spiritual direction to help them deal with painful issues and find their Higher Power. Weekly spiritual groups and ecumenical worship services are conducted. As they accept God’s love and forgiveness, they will feel important to God and thus become better able to control their choices and behavior. 

This unique community ministry serves those in recovery by using Scriptural teachings that are specifically correlated with the 12 steps of AA. God is presented as the Highest Power. Being able to share the sustaining, forgiving love of God helps individuals stay clean and sober.

Community spirituality groups can be help for those in recovery and individuals wanting God to work in their lives.