Paracletia is a non-profit, faith-based outreach ministry that provides the confidential, compassionate, spiritual care that is missing in contemporary society. The thought that “God does not care for me” is seldom voiced, but can affect the individual’s interpersonal relationships at home and at work. Our mission is to serve as a conduit of grace to comfort the spirit, nurture hope, and represent the presence of a loving God within a multi-cultural, ecumenical environment.

We strongly believe that people who have experienced loss often feel isolated, alone, devalued and unimportant to God, and many will not seek help in a church or faith community.

What does the name “Paracletia” have to do with the mission?

“Paraclete” comes from the Koine Greek word that can signify one who consoles or comforts, one who encourages, uplifts, and refreshes.

Functioning as a paraclete, I am called to a person's side to comfort, teach, and guide them through life. I believe the very name “Paracletia” characterizes my God-given mission.

What is your history in counseling, and how many years experience do you have?

I earned my MA in Counseling in 1989. In the past 10 years, my client load has steadily increased and is now the primary focus of my ministry.

What can a person/couple expect to receive if they engage Paracletia?

Clients can expect respect, non-judgmental care, and spiritual direction to help them change their lives to allow them to become better friends, spouses, parents, and citizens.

How are you different from most other counselors?

Most of my clients have been in counseling prior to coming to me. They tell me I am so very different from their other counselors, in that I do not take their time by talking or telling them what they should do to better their lives. I believe God will use me to direct them, and then they will allow God to heal them.

I give my clients homework so they are able to work on their issues from their perspective. When we meet again, we discuss the homework and I guide them on deciding how to change their behaviors to make changes in their lives.